“The Dabby... will help anyone get out of streaming TV oversubscription hell."


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World's First Touch Interface

✓ 10 inch touch screen called dabbyTouch with a HD display

✓ Simply touch to find and play content instantly on your TV 

✓ 5 MP camera to do video calls

✓ No more antiquated plastic remote controls

Unlimited Content

Over $300 worth of  Premium content

✓ Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu and more.

✓ Major LiveTV channels like FOX, ESPN, CNN and more.

1000s of Movies and TV Shows

No sign-ins and content subscriptions required.

Super Easy to Control Videos on TV


✓ Touch interface to control videos on TV using our patented TVTouch technology

✓ One tap to pause/play videos on TV

✓ Scrubbing videos on TV has never been easier by simply touching and sliding the scrubber on dabbyTouch

✓ One tap to go back to the previously watched video on TV

Deep Search to Find Content Easily

✓ Text search using the dabbyTouch keyboard to easily search for content. 

✓ Search by voice using our advanced AI based voice search engine.

✓ Advanced search with our patented Deep Search Technology.

Control TVs in Multiple Rooms

✓ Switch between TVs in different rooms easily with one dabbyTouch.

✓ Play different content on different TVs at the same time.

Second Screen Experience

✓ Browse content, watch previews and highlights, explore information on a HD touch screen while enjoying the video playing on your TV at the same time.

Reinvent your TV experience.

Free 30-day Trial, No Contracts. 

30-day Money Back Guarantee.

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